The Value Of An Online Presence

Your online presence defines you and serves as an essential extension of your business or personal brand. Yet, in a recent survey by Yodle, it is believed that 52% of all small business owners do not have a website.

What this means is that those businesses without a website are at an immediate disadvantage. More so, this can mean the difference between closing valuable deals and falling through the cracks.

Once you have a website, it is often times compared with that of a competitor and the most compelling site wins the vote. Here are three tips about what goes into creating a website that stands out.

1. What does your "About Us" page say about you?

Often times, this page is one of the most visited pages of your entire site. It should provide important information about business practices and an idea of the mission or goals of the business or individual. Bonus points for info on employees such as pictures, educational background or hobbies. This adds for a personal touch and connects with an audience a lot better.

2. Design with mobility in mind.

It is estimated that up to half of the web traffic that is directed to your website will be done so using a portable device such as a smart phone or tablet. Be sure to make it easy for potential customers to view, use and buy on a mobile device. Bonus points for providng your customers with an opportunity to download a custom app for your business. This puts you right at their fingertips and ahead of the curve.

3. Back up your brand with proof.

A website is a place for you to showcase your talents and highlight your credibility. If you have ever received press attention for a local newspaper or television/radio station, it is great to include that material or links to it on your site. Previous or current customers that provide favorable reviews are among one of your greatest assets as well. Most importantly, make sure a portfolio of your best work is on display in at least one location on your site. Bonus points if you have ever won an award for your line of work or brand. By promoting it on your website, you provide a major boost to your credibility.

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